30 Aug 2014


One of my favourite images - above - was actually just me grabbing a shot of Claire 'in between' head shots. I had her recite a scene from an upcoming show just to see what quick expressive shots I could get over a couple of minutes.

It was a bit of an experiment, but we got some fun images. This shot above was during a moment when she was trying to remember her next line! More images of Claire at the bottom of this page, but firstly - Michael's head shots...

You'll notice a fairly specific style that I go for when producing head shots. During my research I pretty much stuck to the top Hollywood head shot photographers. While white backgrounds have really taken off in recent years, I now think there is a case for keeping things a little more 'cinematic'. At least to my mind, it helps casting directors get an immediate sense for how a person might look 'on film'.

I prefer a little 'backlighting' as seen on the right as it 'lifts' the subject away from the background. I do a few shots without it, such as the image above on the left, as some people prefer the look. I personally feel the shadow makes the shot a little dark, but sometimes, maybe, the brooding kind of look is just what a subject is after.

Good retouching is essential, however, it has to be INVISIBLE, and I only retouch 'temporary' blemishes. A person needs to look their best in their casting head shots, but there's little point in changing someone's features! I see a lot of headshot photographers in the northwest doing silly things like 'surface smoothing and freaky edge sharpening, which makes a person's face look like it's made of plastic!

If a client is game I'll also introduce a 'slight' amount of colour into the image. Never on the face of course, but a little highlighting at the sides around the hair such as these images below...

And here are a couple more shots from our little recital experiment....




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